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Are NFTs ruining the environment, or do they offer ways to save it? 

As reasons to be concerned over climate change and our environment continue to multiply, the ecological impact of blockchain and NFT gaming has come under scrutiny. Contrary to the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) being tossed around, many Web3 companies are actively working to reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously innovating in their respective fields. 

Blockchain technology can consume a significant amount of energy to run, but some companies are making massive efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, last September the Ethereum Foundation moved to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which significantly reduced its energy consumption compared to its previous proof-of-work model. This move has only furthered its position as the blockchain with the second highest market cap, behind Bitcoin. 

Another way in which blockchain and NFT gaming companies are positively impacting the environment is by partnering with organizations that work to protect wildlife and habitats. Through the sale of NFTs, these companies are raising funds for conservation efforts, and in doing so, are helping to preserve the planet's natural resources.

One such NFT game is Nunu Spirits - a game that merges the joy of casual gaming and the earning capacity of blockchain and turns it into ecological action in the form of planting trees. The company has extensive roots with many tree planting partners and has already planted over 4000 trees.

In Nunu Spirits, players collect and earn 3D NFTs called Nunu Spirits in a super fun game world where every Nunu has the chance to become a real tree, planted in the real world. Through playing the game, Nunu NFTs gain experience and can eventually evolve into an Elder Spirit; this powerful NFT is then linked to a real tree planted by their verified partners, all around the globe.

Staying true to their mission to reverse the carbon footprint of gamers around the world, Nunu Spirits and its playable NFTs are hosted on the carbon neutral chain, Avalanche. 

“In choosing such an energy efficient chain [Avalanche] we are able to maximize the impact of every single tree we will plant in the Nunu Ecoverse. From the start our game motto has been “Save the Nunu, save the forest,” but we can save real forests thanks, in large part to blockchain, everyone that plays our games becomes an active participant in this mission ”

- Gabriel Brockman, Creator of Nunu Spirits 

In conclusion, while blockchain and NFT companies have come under scrutiny for their energy usage, many are actively taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, often using hashtags like refi and regen (a permutation of degen, which is a term used to describe veteran holders). By promoting sustainable practices and creating new opportunities for sustainable economic development, blockchain and NFTs have the potential to positively impact the environment in a significant way. 

As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative solutions emerge that benefit both the planet and its inhabitants.

About Nunu Spirits

Nunu Spirits merges the joy of casual gaming and the earning capacity of blockchain and turns it into ecological action. A Hybrid F2P/Web3 game that enables players to plant real trees in the real world. A new model for sustainable P2E.

About Gabriel Brockman

Gabriel has been working professionally in the gaming space for over 12 years with various forays into crypto spaces over the years. 4 years ago he became the co-founder of Tater Games with a mission to bring collective ownership to game developers. He believes that blockchain technologies provide many ways to better our world and the easiest way for people to learn about these things is by playing games like Nunu Spirits.



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